Verifikasi Marketiva 2012

Berikut pengumuman resmi dari mengenai aturan baru verifikasi account marketiva yang diberlakukan mulai sekitar bulan Desember 2011 kemarin.

We have improved our verification processes and we are checking all the accounts opened till now (from 2005) in order to make sure the documents uploaded are in line with the new policies. If not, you will receive an e-mail with the request of re-uploading your ID documents. We apologize for any inconvenience caused but it is required in order to improve our services and make sure every account is properly verified and up to date. Thank you.

Jadi, meski account marketiva kita sebelumnya sudah disahkan, tapi kalau dokumen pengesahan yang kita kirim tidak sesuai dengan aturan baru ini, maka akan diminta ulang, dan anda akan diberitahu melalui email.

Berikut contoh email dari marketiva berkenaan dengan aturan verifikasi 2012:

Dear Sang Prabu Arjuna,

Current status of identification documents for your Marketiva account with username “″ is “Re-Requested“.

Our support personnel indicated the following specific reasons for the re-request: The proof of residence must contain full name, complete residential address and be dated within the last six months; we have amended our verification processes recently, please go to for details. (cetak tebal dan merah dari penulis, adalah contoh alasan mengapa anda diminta untuk upload ulang dokumen pengesahan).

The identification documents you have uploaded in electronic form were inspected by our support personnel, but they did not pass the inspection procedure. The following might be reasons why the documents were not verified: 1) unacceptable internal image format; 2) image color-depth type is monochrome; 3) images are blank or not readable, 4) picture identification document is inappropriate; 5) address confirmation document is inappropriate; 6) data in the uploaded documents does not match the data we have in your records.

Please click on the link below to go to a page where you will be able to upload the identification documents again.

Marketiva requires two forms of identification: Proof of identity (a passport, driver’s license or government-issued ID) and proof of residential address (utility bill, bank statement, tax correspondence etc), both of which can be uploaded in electronic form. The identification procedure minimizes risk of money laundering and terrorist financing activities, furthermore Marketiva is obliged to follow the procedures by domestic and international laws and regulations.

IMPORTANT: If our system detected this as a newly created duplicate, misrepresented, or parallel account, such account may already be disabled and you will not be able to access it anymore. Please read the details below to assist you in resolving related issues.

One person may open one Marketiva account only. Our administration system detects and suspends duplicate, misrepresented, or parallel accounts based on a very sophisticated computer model.

If you already have an account with incorrect data, you need to reply to this e-mail providing us with your actual first and last name, so we can update your name in our records. If your contact information is also incorrect, please update it at:

If you did not previously open any other account with Marketiva, please open your new Marketiva account and upload your identification documents described at:

You will then need to contact us on the Live Support channel accessible through our web site, so we can verify your documents. Please do not use the Streamster software before your documents get verified; otherwise your account will be disabled again.

Thank you for using Marketiva services. Should you need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

Marketiva Support Team


All incoming electronic mail is processed by SPAM and virus filters, and although the filters are quite reliable, there is a certain possibility a valid message could be identified as SPAM or virus and subsequently deleted. In case you did not receive a response to your e-mail inquiry or you want to make sure your messages do not get filtered, please use contact forms provided on our web site.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai tata cara pengesahan account marketiva 2012, silakan baca detilnya di: Pengesahan Account Marketiva 2011.


Dua cara menghasilkan uang gratis dari internet bersama AGEA Marketiva:

  1. Buka account, maka anda mendapatkan uang tunai $5, tradingkan sampai untung, maka keuntungan bisa anda tarik.
  2. Buka account, trading di desk virtual (uang mainan), apabila anda menjadi juara bulanan atau Master of The Month maka anda akan mendapat hadiah uang betulan sebesar $100.

Anda tidak perlu memilih, kedua cara diatas bisa anda jalankan bersamaan untuk menghasilkan uang dari internet. Silakan buka account DiSiNi, dan lengkapi identifikasi dengan cara upload Dokumen Pengesahan anda agar nanti hadiahnya bisa anda tarik ke rekening bank atau ecurrency milik anda.

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Verifikasi Marketiva 2012
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